Vintage Industrial Furniture Design

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Don’t tie yourself up in knots.

There’s an easy solution to vintage industrial furniture design.

There are no traditional rules for decorating vintage industrial like there are for other interior design styles. As long as you have a reference to our industrial revolution past, use natural elements like wood and metal and go with the unexpected. Furniture pieces should be reflective of those used in our industrial factories and manufacturing plants. That would include work stools, carts, tables and even warehouse lighting. Mix and match these pieces of furniture to create a style that is casual, fun and all your own. And of course, use some of your favorite finds, like vintage rope ladders as accents for the table, console or bookcase.

So next time you want to decorate a space with vintage industrial furniture, don’t tie yourself up in knots!

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Don’t tie yourself up in knots

Vintage ladders

Made with wood

And rope

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