Vintage Industrial Glass Bottle Lights

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Floating bubbles.

Not really, just vintage industrial lighting.

Lighting an over sized dining table can be difficult. It’s great to have a big table to fit all of your family and guests but you need a big chandelier to provide enough light for a 10 foot dining table. Problem solved with these vintage glass sphere pendants. These pendants will provide more than enough light for guests to dine by and also add big vintage style to your space.

Made from hand blown glass with vintage filament bulbs, these pendants come in three different bottle shaped sizes. Hang all three sizes at different heights from one end of the table to the other and create one large industrial chandelier. Put these pendants on a dimmer and forget lighting the candles. These lights will set the mood for your next dinner party with a warm glow of light across the entire table that will make your guests never want to go home. So next time you want to dine by candle light, shop vintage industrial and try floating bubbles.

Lights out!

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Set the dining table

For your next dinner party

With vintage industrial lighting

And don’t forget the flowers!

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