Vintage Industrial Glass Pendant Lights

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Remember chemistry class?

Chemistry lab was not my best subject but after seeing these pendant lights I’m willing to try it again!

Made from vintage glass funnels from the lab, these lights add real vintage industrial style to any space. Long gone are the days of hanging just one light over the dining room table. I could see a group of these vintage pendant lights hanging over any kitchen or dining room table. In fact, these industrial pendants would look great in a commercial space lined up over the bar counter or grouped for display in the window. These lights would certainly make me want to come inside.

Chemistry glass funnels turned upside down and made into lights will turn your space upside down with style. The right lighting makes or breaks a room and these vintage industrial lights would certainly make a statement in your room. Day or night, these vintage lights look great. So get ready to light those bunsen burners because we’re going back to the lab with vintage industrial lighting.

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Vintage industrial pendant lights

Or chemistry class?

Vintage lab funnels

Day or night

These lights look great

Light them up

Or go back to chemistry lab!

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