Vintage Industrial Glass Pendant Lights

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Turn the lights on.

The first thing we do when we walk into a room is to turn the lights on. Otherwise we couldn’t see where we were going. So when you hit the switch why not turn the lights on with vintage industrial style.

Lighting is an essential ingredient to every functioning room. We need lights to cook, read and perform our everyday tasks. But lights are often over looked as a primary design element. It’s been said before but we’ll say it again, the right lighting can make a room. We hang a light over the table or place a lamp beside the bed. It’s always about function and where lighting is needed. But hang twenty glass pendants over the coffee table and this living room is instantly transformed. Vintage glass pendants that are hung in a cluster can make a dramatic effect in a room. Suddenly, everyone is talking about the lights. So next time you want to hang a pendant, hang twenty and get everyone talking.

Now don’t forget to turn the lights off!

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Turn the lights on

With twenty glass pendants

And get everyone talking

About vintage industrial style

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