Vintage Industrial Graffiti Artwork

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Sometimes you just have to be a little bad.

With vintage industrial graffiti.

So what makes this bad girl vintage industrial. It’s what the graffiti is painted on. This is no ordinary oil painting on canvas. In fact, this canvas is made from sheet metal. Reclaimed from old tin roofs, this metal shows it’s age with distress marks and cracks all bolted together one piece at a time.

Hang this industrial artwork on a big wall and this graffiti will grab your mind and attention. Rooms need more than just chairs, tables and lamps. Sometimes a conversation piece is needed to complete the vintage industrial design. Walls are often neglected and left to the last minute in the grand scheme of interior design. So hang some vintage industrial graffiti in an empty room to build your own personal style.

And don’t forget to be a little bad!

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Graffiti artwork

Painted on reclaimed sheet metal

It’s vintage

And it’s industrial

Bad girl!

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