Vintage Industrial Gym Locker

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It isn’t easy being green.

Green chair, green dresser and green gym locker. Being green isn’t that hard!

Not sure I would order a gym locker in green but if it looked like this one I would take it. This vintage industrial locker is made from solid metal and equipped with a latch for your lock and vents for your clothes. So if you plan on not washing those gym clothes, this is the locker for you.

Once used only in the locker room, vintage industrial lockers have made their way into our bedrooms, den and even the living room. Great for storing just about anything in your home, gym lockers are no longer used for just holding those unsightly gym clothes. And they not only hold a lot but they look good too. Standing proud against any wall, this locker adds real industrial style to any space. So forget what a drag first period gym class can be and go shopping for an industrial gym locker for your home. That’s the bell!

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Green, green and more green.

Vintage industrial gym locker

Has made it’s way out of the gym

And into your home.

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