Vintage Industrial Gym Locker

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Lock it up!

If you have valuables, you might like these vintage safe deposit boxes. I’ve never had anything that valuable but I could find a lot of other reasons to use these vintage metal boxes. They’re old but you could use them to store just about anything, even if they aren’t that valuable!

What I like better is the vintage industrial gym locker standing behind these metal boxes. Made from black metal wire with lots of doors, this gym locker stands tall and it can hold a lot. It even has numbered doors for quick organization. Once used for gym class, this vintage locker would look great in the home. Use it in the bedroom or den and you will get real industrial style. But don’t be surprised if you find some gym clothes in this locker. Someone might think it’s first period gym class!

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Vintage industrial metal furniture

Vintage metal boxes

Vintage metal gym locker

Made with vintage metal wire

And numbered doors

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