Vintage Industrial Hostess Stand

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Table for two please.

First impressions are important particularly for a new or established commercial restaurant. Restaurant patrons are greeted first by the Maitre D who is usually standing behind a podium or hostess stand. The whole experience can be quite intimidating especially if you don’t have a reservation in a crowded restaurant.

The first impression also sets the tone for the restaurant and this hostess stand means you’ll be dining in vintage industrial style. Made from pieced metal that is held together with metal rivets, the overall design on this hostess stand is similar to that on an airplane wing. And the unique round shape of this industrial stand makes placement easy and allows visibility from all sides. There’s plenty of room on the stand for taking down names, phone numbers and if needed, a chair for the hard working hostess.

So next time you walk into a restaurant check out the hostess stand. It just might be vintage industrial. Happy dining.

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Greet patrons

In vintage industrial style

With this all metal

Hostess Stand

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