Vintage Industrial Interior Design

Pulling back the curtain on vintage industrial interior design. Literally, we are pulling back the natural burlap curtain with a jute rope tieback and exposing our take on vintage industrial design. It’s a small vignette that tells a story. It could be any corner, nook or space in your own home. Not all rooms need to be defined or need to have a specific designation. Dining room, living room or bedroom. Throw out these traditional labels and create your own vision of design. Start with comfort. What matters most to you. Do you watch TV in bed or on the sofa. Do you eat and snack in the kitchen or the den. In this case, we designed a reading corner. It’s not a living room with the obligatory sofa, side tables and coffee table. Instead, it’s a quiet corner where you can put your feet up, lie down for a mid afternoon nap, or sit quietly to read a book or check out the latest Instagram post. The point is to make it your own. You’re the one who has to live there every day. Don’t worry about what the Jones’s think for those few days a year on holidays or special occasions.

Vintage Industrial Interior Design

First up is the settee. The high back gives it a vintage feel and the white fabric is because you’re never supposed to have white. Dogs, kids and whoever else will get it dirty. But I don’t care because I always wanted a white settee. It’s not large with a pull out foot rest or a reclining back. Instead, I sit upright for when I want to read and it’s just large enough to curl up for a short siesta in the afternoon. If I do want to rest my feet there is a very close vintage industrial coffee table. This table is made with reclaimed wood with a distressed natural finish so putting my feet up, even with shoes, is not a problem. The more marks and scuffs the better it looks.

Of  course, lighting plays a crucial part in any interior design. I chose to go with tradition and have a reading light next to the settee but changed it up with a vintage medical inspired floor lamp. Mixing it up again, I hung industrial iron lanterns along the wall and down to the floor, not over a table or in the center of the room. The cascading lights add some drama and create a unique visual effect to the space. I didn’t forget the side table because I like to snack while I read and opted for a marble top so no worries with a wood finish. But my favorite addition to this space and probably the most dramatic is the over sized painting on the wall. It depicts the first Worlds Fair which unveiled the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It’s a great piece of art that screams vintage but what makes it unique is the canvas. Rather than using a traditional cloth canvas stretched on a wood frame, it uses industrial metal that was salvaged from old barn roofs. There are nail holes, dents and cracks. It doesn’t get more vintage industrial than this.

The key to making this space work is that each piece works with the other. You don’t walk into this room and notice just the settee, or the painting or the coffee table. Instead, they all blend together and you like it. It makes you feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable without even sitting down. And that’s how you should feel every day in your home. It’s also the beauty of vintage industrial interior design. It’s not stuffy or uptight. You’re not afraid to sit down and kick back. And you certainly don’t have to take your shoes off. Wrap this all up in a heavy burlap curtain and you have a winner that makes you want to come home. Go vintage and go industrial.

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vintage industrial interior design
Pull back the curtain on vintage industrial design



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