Vintage Industrial Iron Bookcase

Forget the books and fill your bookcase with vintage lights.

It’s easy to figure out how the term bookcase was derived. A case or structure that was designed to hold and store books. Before iBooks, we read hardcover books and once finished we didn’t want to throw the book away. If the book was really good we might want to read it again or lend it out to a friend. And most likely we would never see that book again. So the bookcase quickly became a staple in almost every home and often used to accent the decor in a room or to display our literary skills.

Made from solid iron with a brown rust finish, this vintage bookcase is built industrial strong and can easily hold plenty of books. But I like it better filled with vintage lights. With hardcover books going by the wayside, a bookcase can still be used to accent a room with your favorite vintage find or just plenty of lights. Light this bookcase up at night and it will soon be the center of attention and also a good light source to sit down with your iPad.

But don’t forget to plug in your charger first.

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Forget the books

And fill this bookcase with lights

Built industrial strong

With an iron frame

And brown rust finish

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