Vintage Industrial Leather Luggage

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Pack your bags, we’re shopping vintage.

Shopping for vintage industrial furniture and artifacts can be an adventure. Rule number one, don’t shop vintage with any expectations. Chances are that if you’re hunting for a specific piece of vintage furniture or accent, you most likely won’t find it. Shop flea markets or antique shops with an open mind. That means waiting for that surprise moment when you find a unique vintage item that you just can’t live without. Don’t worry about where your vintage find will go or whether it will fit. If it’s that cool, you’ll make it work.

Now who would expect to find a wall filled with vintage leather luggage. Old worn leather and even vintage metal luggage is a great find. Stack them on a bookshelf or on the floor to make a side table by the sofa or chair. They will add a touch of vintage style to your space.

But if you don’t have time to scour the world for vintage items, you can always shop at where the past meets present as all products are built to look old but function as new.

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Pack your bags

We’re shopping vintage

Stack the walls

With vintage industrial luggage

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