Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

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UFO or vintage industrial lighting?

I saw this warm glow of light hovering above me. It was coming from a round disc like object that looked like it was made from some type of heavy industrial metal. It also had some strange industrial mechanical gears on top. So I ran before I could find out that it was a vintage industrial pendant light.

One of a kind vintage pendants can be a great find. They are unique and you won’t see them hanging in your neighbor’s home. Industrial lighting that was once used to light work areas in factories can now light the kitchen island or dining room table in your home. Made from heavy metal, these pendants will add real industrial style to your space. And don’t hang just one pendant, hang three and make a statement.

So next time you look up and see a warm glow, think vintage industrial pendants.

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Or industrial lighting?

Vintage pendants

And a warm glow

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