Vintage Industrial Lighting

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Vintage industrial lighting lets you think outside the box.

But sometimes it’s ok to think inside the box, literally.

First, take a wood crate. But not any ordinary wood crate. This crate is big at 6 feet high and 6 feet wide. Then find a space  for the crate where you want to create that cozy nook for two. Add a loveseat, a few mirrors and of course some cool vintage industrial lighting. Now you have it, that quiet space for two that leaves the hectic everyday life where it belongs, outside the box.

Explore the opportunities of vintage industrial design and personalize your space. Even if it means getting in a big wood crate. And next time you shop for vintage industrial lighting, think inside the box!

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Create your own cozy nook

With a large wood crate

A loveseat for two

And vintage industrial lighting

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