Vintage Industrial Lighting

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I can’t come over tonight. I have to go home to the old ball and chain!

That’s right, I have to go home to my vintage ball and chain light. This light has three iron balls and is fully equipped with lights and chains. I know it’s industrial but it seems more medieval to me. Either way it has a great rust finish to complete the vintage look.

Vintage lighting can have great personality. Worn metal and often worn paint, the true patina of the metal shines through. And when these lights were made, the metal was heavy and industrial. But what I like best are the vintage cloth cords. The wire is covered in natural fibers and often made in warm brown and green color tones. Today’s lighting comes with high gloss wires covered in UL listed and do not remove tags which are sometimes bigger than the plug. I admit that I promptly remove them all. So go vintage with your next light purchase but just don’t hold onto anything metal when you plug it in!

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Vintage industrial lighting

The old ball and chain

Industrial or medieval?

Vintage mechanical light

With a vintage cloth cord

On a vintage drum table

Where did that bulb go?

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