Vintage Industrial Lighting

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Sometimes all you need is the light bulb.

Forget the lamp shade when you can have vintage lighting that looks this good.

Lamp shades can be decorative but their primary purpose is to protect our eyes from the harsh glare of an exposed light bulb. But these light bulbs can take the place of a lamp shade and be decorative at the same time.

Commonly referred to as a crown bulb, these light bulbs look like they have been partially dipped in silver on the crown of the bulb. The silver coating blocks the light so that no light shines out of the top of the bulb. It creates indirect lighting that reflects the light downward with no glare in your eyes. Create a unique display on your bookcase or table using vintage industrial light stands like these with a set of crown bulbs. They will set the mood for your party or every day living with vintage industrial style.

So take those lamp shades off and show your bulbs with vintage industrial lighting.

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Throw out those lampshades

And get some crown light bulbs

Vintage industrial style

Without the glare

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