Vintage Industrial Lighting

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Amusement park ride or vintage industrial lighting?

Sometimes you just need to have some fun. So instead of going to the amusement park, bring the amusement park home.

Made from heavy industrial metal, this vintage ride still lights up. So why not suspend it from the ceiling and relive those fun childhood years every day in the privacy of your own home. I know I can remember swirling around in this vintage sky mobile and it was a lot of fun. And sometimes decorating should be fun too. It’s ok to think outside the box and bring unique one of a kind pieces into your home. This vintage ride can certainly light up a space and be a real conversation piece at the same time. Vintage items like this are rare these days and especially in good condition. Hang this industrial light in the den, a child’s play room or the popular man cave. It will be a real hit with family and friends. Next time you go shopping for lighting, think vintage and go industrial. But don’t try getting in this ride, those days are long gone!

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Amusement park ride

Or vintage industrial lighting?

Head light

Side light

And tail light, they all work!

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