Vintage Industrial Lighting

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When was the last time you took a pony ride?

But not on this pony. A vintage stone pony that looks great under industrial lighting.

This pony stands tall and so do these industrial chandeliers. Made from solid iron with a rust finish, this chandelier will make as much of a statement as this large stone sculpture. I really do like this pony but my vote would have to go for the chandelier. Simple candles suspended within an iron sphere, this lighting would look great in a foyer or over any dining room table. And why settle for just one chandelier. If you have a big table or even a bigger space, go for two chandeliers for twice the fun. Speaking of fun, I’m ready for that pony ride now! Shop vintage industrial lighting.

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Ready for a pony ride?

He looks friendly

Industrial Lighting

Can light up any space

Even this collection of vintage cameras

Glad I have my IPhone!

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