Vintage Industrial Lighting

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Put your hard hats on!

Just like a construction site, these vintage industrial lights are wearing their hard hats too. Made from solid metal, these vintage lamp shades can handle whatever may fall their way. These shades were made in only a few colors back then, black and silver being the most common. And they could certainly take a few unexpected tumbles.

It was common for factory or warehouse lights to get their fair share of knocks and bumps. You never knew what might fall off a shelf or go swinging by. So these vintage lights had to be built tough to hold their own. And they always worked hard shedding light in just the right place. Now these vintage industrial lights are ready to work for you in your home, casting light wherever it’s needed. Hanging over the kitchen sink or at your desk, these industrial lights will work right along side you. So get out the elbow grease and shop vintage industrial lighting.

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Vintage industrial lighting

Can hang anywhere

It’s built to work hard

With a metal hard hat

I like the bird too!

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