Vintage Industrial Lighting

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Don’t be shy, show your bulb!

When it comes to vintage industrial lighting, it’s all about the light bulb. Lighting can really make or break a design space. So when choosing the right lighting for your room, don’t forget to spend equal attention on the bulb. For years, we’ve suffered from the harsh glare of incandescent lighting which fostered a boom in the decorative lamp shade business. Everything possible was done to conceal the bulb. But with vintage industrial lighting, it’s time to throw out those shades and show off those bulbs. Of course, you want to use vintage filament bulbs with industrial lighting. Filament bulbs provide the warmth of a soft glow and just the right amount of light for any room. So next time you go shopping for that one of a kind light, go vintage and don’t forget the bulb. Now lights out!

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Vintage industrial lighting

With a cool metal shade

And vintage light bulb

Cool filaments

And a cool glow

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