Vintage Industrial Lighting

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This proves you can hang just about anything, even a car.

Vintage industrial lighting can come in a lot of shapes and sizes but I’ve never seen a car used for vintage lighting before. But it is vintage.

Decorating a vintage industrial space let’s you take your favorite find and be creative with it. Use it, display it or even hang it from the ceiling. Lighting can be fun and this space does just that. Take a vintage toy car, turn on the headlights and you have vintage industrial lighting. I might feel nervous sitting under this vintage toy light but it sure would be fun to look at. Fully equipped with front and rear lights, this vintage toy is ready to stop playing and start working. Hang an industrial light over the dining table, end table or the work desk. Anywhere you choose, vintage industrial lighting will light up your space with personality and sometimes, a little attitude. So shop vintage industrial and check out some cool lighting. These headlights are blinding me!

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Vintage toy car

Or industrial lighting?

Cool headlights

Metal grill

And white wall tires!

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