Vintage Industrial Lighting and Metal Keys

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Lock me up and throw away the key.

And I would be very happy with this collection of vintage industrial keys. Made of sold metal and rusted to perfection, I could find a key to unlock at least one of the doors in my house. Hang these industrial keys up or spread them out for all to admire. They really add vintage style to a space.

I like the industrial work light too. It moves every which way, even up and down for closer inspection of these vintage keys. Metal shade and mechanical arm, this light was built for industrial work. It would go great on a desk in the home or in the garage for that do it yourself project. And don’t forget this industrial metal table. It’s built tough and can even handle hammering out some of these vintage metal keys. So get tough with vintage industrial furniture for the home and don’t forget to put that extra key under the doormat!

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Vintage industrial light and metal table

With metal shade and mechanical arm

Vintage metal keys

With a real rust finish

You can never have enough keys

Vintage industrial work table

Now where did I put my keys?

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