Vintage Industrial Lighting and Wood End Table

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Traditional meets industrial.

Take a classic glass crystal chandelier and put it inside a rusted iron sphere and you have great industrial lighting. Vintage industrial lighting doesn’t always have to be heavy glass shades with metal mechanical arms and cloth wire cords. Sometimes, industrial lighting can look elegant and glamorous and still have industrial style. This rusted iron sphere and stand is a unique twist to what would normally be a traditional chandelier hanging over the dining room table. But if you have a passion for shiny things like glass crystals, this industrial lamp might be the one for you.

And to complete the industrial style, this crystal lamp sits on top of a very industrial end table. Made from reclaimed wood and framed out in heavy metal scaffolding, this table is built tough. It’s heavy and it’s green which makes this end table a top choice for any industrial space. So next time you go shopping for that shiny and glamorous chandelier, think industrial and you might be surprised at what you’ll find!

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Industrial lighting

Or crystal chandelier?

On top of an industrial end table

Made with heavy industrial metal

And reclaimed wood

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