Vintage Industrial Lights

Vintage industrial lights. You’ve come a long way baby.

The lights go out, you grab a flashlight and run down the stairs into the basement to change a fuse. Back in the day there were no circuit breakers. A fuse blew from overloading an electrical outlet or too many lights were left on and a new little glass fuse came to the rescue. But today with a simple flick of a switch we can restore power and lights to our homes within seconds. These vintage lights, fuses and industrial switches have served their time and are now ready to grace the walls of your living and dining rooms. Mounted on vintage wood boards, these electrical panels have been transformed into wall art. Hang a series of these light panels on your wall and add vintage style to your space as well as a focal point for conversation. Perfect for the man cave or a commercial space, these vintage light boards will remind you of how far we’ve come.

Virginia Slims, 1968. Yes, you’ve come a long way baby.

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Electrical panels

Made with industrial switches


And lights

You’ve come a long way baby

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