Vintage Industrial Linen Chandelier

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It’s the same dilemma with choosing furniture.

There’s no reason why the dining room table has to come first. If you find a vintage chandelier that you can’t live without, buy it, even if you don’t have a table yet. Selecting furniture and chandeliers that you like without following specific design rules will create a personal space that you’ll love and will look great too.

This over sized chandelier is big and would compliment a large or communal size dining table. Made from natural linen stretched on an iron frame and hung with two jute ropes, this chandelier is lightweight and adds vintage industrial style to your space. Dress this chandelier up in the formal dining room or go casual in the dining room. Either room you use this chandelier, it will not be missed.

The  chicken or the egg? I’ll go with the vintage linen chandelier.

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Which came first?

The table

Or the chandelier

A vintage linen chandelier

And don’t forget some industrial style flowers.

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