Vintage Industrial Lunchroom Dining Table

Gather around the lunch table.

Back in High School we had our group of friends that we ate lunch with every day. Dining tables were set up in the cafeteria and at twelve o’clock we grabbed our lunch trays and got in line. The food selection wasn’t the best but it was always fun sitting at the lunch table.

Inspired by a vintage industrial lunch table from the early 1900’s, this dining table can handle more than a few High School students. These industrial built tables were used in factories for employees to take their lunch breaks. And to economize on space, stools were attached to the dining table that swiveled out during lunch and then pushed out of sight underneath the table when break time was done. Weighing in at over 300 pounds, this dining table could handle the heaviest of workers and unlike today’s lunch tables, where you place it is where this table stays. Use this industrial strength table in the kitchen, an open loft space or a busy commercial restaurant. Either way, it will be the last dining table you will ever need. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that your old High School friends won’t show up for lunch.

There’s the bell.

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It’s lunch time

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