Vintage Industrial Metal and Wood Stool

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Stool sample. No not that kind!

Vintage industrial metal stools can have real character and this metal and wood stool is no exception. Crafted in Belgium in the early 1900’s this industrial stool had no idea it would be in such demand today. Made of sturdy metal and hard wood, this industrial stool has a unique rounded base and odd shaped back rest. But what I like best about this industrial stool is the distressed green paint. Hard to find, painted metal stools can look great in the office or at your kitchen table. This industrial stool has worked many a hard day at the factory and is now ready to rest comfortably in your home. So get ready to sample this stool!

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Vintage industrial metal and wood stool

A closer look at this industrial stool

With a unique shaped back rest

And a cool metal base

I like this heavy metal and distressed paint

And now I’m distressed!

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