Vintage Industrial Metal Baskets

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I’m obsessed with vintage industrial baskets.

Stack them up, pile them up against the wall and fill up the room. I can’t get enough of these vintage industrial baskets.

I think sometimes it’s ok to have an obsession, as long as it’s vintage, industrial and doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s great when home decor is functional and looks good too but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Industrial baskets and containers can work in the home to organize and store just about anything. But when it comes to these vintage baskets I would just pile them up and not put anything in them. Stack them up from floor to ceiling and turn your wall into a work of art.

And what makes these baskets so great is the rusting metal. Not sure what everyone has against rust. There are a multitude of products out there to stop the oxidation process but I think it’s ok to let metal be metal. Rust can be a great color and give real texture to what otherwise would be a plain metal finish. As you can see from these vintage baskets, each one looks unique and different thanks to my good old friend rust. Now where’s the door, there’s too many baskets in here!

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Vintage industrial baskets

Lined from wall to wall

Great baskets

And great rust

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