Vintage Industrial Metal Baskets

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Can you pass the sugar please?

If you like sugar in your coffee, you will like these vintage metal baskets.

Once used to hold sugar, one thing is for sure, you would never run out of sweetener for your coffee. I like my sugar, but I also like these industrial metal baskets just empty and piled high to the ceiling. And an industrial mirror as a backdrop doesn’t hurt any either. These industrial containers are big and made from vintage metal. So say goodbye to the sugar bowl and fill these baskets or use them to store just about anything in your home. And don’t hide them away in the garage or closet because these metal baskets would look good anywhere in your home. They add real vintage industrial style and will last a very long time. So when you go to pour that second cup of java, think vintage industrial metal baskets. They’re sweet!

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Vintage baskets

Once used to hold sugar

Made from industrial metal

And piled high

A little creepy?

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