Vintage Industrial Metal Baskets

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Can I lend you a hand?

There are plenty to spare. Vintage glove molds in an old wood cupboard look like hands waving back at you. If you need an extra hand, there certainly are enough to choose from. These vintage glove molds were once used to make gloves for our hands. Today, they are used just for decorative display. You can use them to hang your special gloves or jewelry but I think they look good just as they are.

I also like the metal baskets that are stacked on top of this old cupboard. These baskets are vintage and although they look good empty and stacked, they are also great for storage. So get organized and go industrial with vintage metal baskets. And if you need help carrying them, I can lend you a hand!

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Vintage glove molds

Or real hands?

Waving hello

Don’t forget the metal baskets

They’re vintage too

Waving goodbye!

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