Vintage Industrial Metal Bookcase

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Will all books soon be vintage?

Recognized for their leather bound covers and heavy weight paper, vintage books can make a great display in the home. Made in different colors with cool leather bindings, vintage books can be good to read and good to look at too.

There’s nothing better than a collection of books on a great bookcase. This industrial bookcase is unique with it’s heavy rusted metal finish and it’s ability to swivel. So no need to get up when you want another book. Just spin the bookcase and you have your choice of any book. Bookcases look great anywhere in the home. Use them in the bedroom or family room, it’s always nice to have a bookcase to display your favorite collectibles or your books.

But is is possible that all books will be soon be vintage? They say there’s nothing like sitting down to a good book. I say there’s nothing like sitting down to a good iPad!

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Vintage industrial metal bookcase

Made with heavy rusted metal

Holds vintage leather books

With cool vintage bindings

And held securely behind bars.

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