Vintage Industrial Metal Bucket Lighting

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Remember to always extend the olive branch.

Or maybe the olive bucket. Next time you want to make peace with a friend or family member, try extending an olive bucket. It works every time.

Who could resist a vintage bucket like this. Once used to carry olives straight from the picking, this bucket is made from true vintage metal. Rusted metal handles and slat openings to allow the olives to breath, this is one cool bucket. It’s time to think outside the bucket and transform your vintage finds into great accents for the home. Turn this bucket upside down, add a light socket and you have a one of a kind chandelier for your home. Great for the kitchen or dining room, I could also see a row of these buckets lights hanging over the bar or tables in an industrial style restaurant.

So next time you go olive picking, keep the bucket and hang it up in your home for real vintage industrial style. And don’t swallow the pits!

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Vintage industrial lighting

Made from real olive buckets

With galvanized metal

And rusted handles

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