Vintage Industrial Metal Cabinet

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Break out the Rustoleum and start spraying.

You will need a lot to cover this rusted vintage industrial metal cabinet. But why would you want to? I think this metal cabinet looks great just the way it is.

Covered in brown rust, this industrial cabinet would go with any room color. Ready to store your valuables or collections, this vintage cabinet is built bank tough. It’s hard to find industrial cabinets that have this many cool drawers in different shapes and sizes. If this metal cabinet didn’t look so good I would lock it away with my prized possessions in the closet. I could use this cabinet as a dresser in the bedroom or any room just for display. So next time you go shopping for vintage industrial, go rust or go bust!

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Vintage industrial metal cabinet

I like this metal cabinet

And I like these vintage bottles too

A lot of rust

And a lot of drawers

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