Vintage Industrial Metal Cabinet

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Is it a metal shipping container or vintage industrial furniture? Inspired by the industrial shipping containers that carry cargo across the high seas, this all metal cabinet is 100 percent industrial. Struggling with an identity crisis, this metal cabinet doesn’t know if it should pass through customs or rest comfortably in the privacy of your own home.

Check out the industrial hardware on this cabinet. It’s made with industrial strength metal and will last a lifetime. In fact, I think I could play with this locking mechanism all day. From a distance this metal cabinet looks like wood, but closer inspection reveals corrugated metal sides just like the real cargo containers. And this industrial metal cabinet would not be complete without authentic shipping insignias painted on the front and sides.

I also like the striking blue color with light distressing throughout to make it look like a real vintage find. This cabinet would look great in the kitchen, den or even a child’s bedroom. It’s fun and unique with real industrial style. So check out this vintage industrial metal cabinet and don’t let customs catch you!

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Industrial metal container cabinet

In striking blue metal

With industrial strength hardware

And we know it’s heavy

Lock it away below

Or display it on top

Corrugated metal back and sides

With cool industrial lettering

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