Vintage Industrial Metal Cafe Chairs

Sitting in time out never looked so good.

With these vintage industrial metal cafe chairs. Go ahead and be bad, very bad, because now you can sit in time out all day with vintage industrial style. Metal cafe chairs lined up against a brick wall make me want to be bad so please let me go to time out. School days have long passed but I can still remember spending time out in the corner. It only took a few minutes but it seemed like hours. Where were my favorite vintage metal chairs when I needed them.

Built with industrial strength metal, these chairs can easily handle a few time outs but they are really made for commercial use. These chairs look great in your local pub or cafe and unlike time out, your patrons won’t want to leave. So go ahead and dine in vintage industrial style with these metal cafe chairs.

And be very bad.

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Go ahead and be bad

Very bad

And sit in time out

With vintage industrial style

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