Vintage Industrial Metal Cage Lights

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Metal cage lights and Santos figures, perfect together.

Santos, or Saint in English, originated in Spain in the early 1500’s. Santos figures were carved from wood or ivory and depicted saints, angels or forms of the Holy Trinity. A Santero was the wood carver who made the figures but it could also be someone that just collected Santos figures for religious reasons or as a hobby.

But I think the industrial cage lights steal this show. Replicated from vintage dye baskets where fabric was inserted into the cage and then submersed into dye, these metal cages are now ready to turn the lights on. Fully equipped with metal wire door and latch, use a vintage Edison bulb and these cage lights are ready to add vintage industrial style to your space. Hang them in the kitchen, dining room or den. Either way you use these lights, they will work hard for you.

So next time you pick up a Santos figure, hang a metal cage light too!

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Metal cage lights

And Santos figures

Perfect together

Go vintage

And industrial

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