Vintage Industrial Metal Chairs

I really like vintage industrial metal chairs. So much that I had a dream about chairs.

Everywhere I looked there were vintage metal chairs. Chairs in front of me, chairs to the side of me and chairs behind me. There were blue chairs, green chairs, yellow chairs and even orange chairs. Made of solid metal, these vintage industrial chairs were lined up and stacked on one another. I couldn’t find a way out so I started climbing over the metal chairs. I climbed over one chair, another chair and then another. It just wouldn’t end. I tried climbing and climbing but there was always another vintage metal chair. It seemed like the ground beneath me disappeared and was replaced with vintage metal chairs. No matter how hard I tried there was always another industrial metal chairs. Chairs, chairs and more chairs. And when I finally reached the last metal chair… I woke up.

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I was surrounded my metal chairs

Chairs in front of me

Chairs to the side of me

And chairs behind me

There’s no way out!

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