Vintage Industrial Metal Clock

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It’s time to do laundry.

And this big vintage industrial clock will help you keep track of your wash and rinse cycles because you’re doing it all by hand.

This vintage clock no longer tells time and I don’t think a AAA battery is going to help. Made from solid metal, this big clock was once admired by all, counting down the minutes to 5:00 and then blowing that long awaited whistle. But even though this clock can’t tell time, it can still add some real vintage industrial style to a space. Hang this clock on a wall in the foyer, over the mantle or in the office and it will make itself right at home.

And just like this clock, these vintage wash boards have thrown in the towel. Mounted on wood blocks, these vintage metal wash boards are now artwork, proudly displaying their years of hard work.

So next time you throw clothes in the wash and look up at the clock, just think, you could be doing this all by hand!

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It’s laundry time

Keep track of the time

With this big industrial clock

And get scrubbing

With these vintage metal wash boards

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