Vintage Industrial Metal Desk

When was the last time you sat down at a desk to write a letter.

Probably not lately. You can add hand written letters and office desks to the list of endangered species.

In an age of laptops and Ipads, who needs a desk when you can surf the internet or text friends from the comfort of your favorite chair. Or better yet, you can do your work and check social media while lying in your own bed. It’s no wonder that searching for an industrial desk might not be at the top of your shopping list. But you might think twice if you found a desk that looked this good. Made from industrial metal that’s pieced together with metal rivets, this vintage style desk looks like it fell off the wing of an airplane. And fully equipped with three front drawers and a secret flip top drawer for extra storage, this desk can hold a lot. So even though cursive penmanship has been dropped from our educational curriculum and automatic bill payer has eliminated the need for addressing envelopes and mailing letters, somehow the home office just looks better with a desk.

Now where did I put all those passwords… in the desk.

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Take the time

To sit down

And write a letter

At this vintage industrial desk

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