Vintage Industrial Metal Postal Desk

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I’m ready to go postal!

Over this vintage industrial desk.

This replica of a vintage metal desk once sat in many large post office facilities across the country. Made of solid industrial metal, this desk is heavy and built to withstand the test of time. It comes fully equipped with a metal seat that swivels out, a side drawer for writing utensils and a metal mesh wire hutch that has more cubbies than you can count. There is certainly enough storage for letters and envelopes.

This industrial desk helped the Postmaster General with his or her daily duties in managing overall mail distribution, including carrier routes, supervision of mail clerks and enforcement of the law. However, if you have this vintage metal desk in your home it can be used to write those annoying monthly bills. But it will look good while you’re doing it. Use this desk in the den for work or just display in the bedroom or living room and it will add vintage style.

Now where did I put those stamps?

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Get ready to go postal

Over this vintage desk

Plenty of storage on top

And below

Have a seat!

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