Vintage Industrial Metal Stacking Chairs

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Red or white wine?

No worries, both wines go with these vintage metal chairs.

Made of solid metal, these chairs have lasted a long time. They have a few coats of new paint but they still look good to me. These industrial metal chairs are great for stacking and perfect for commercial spaces. Put these chairs out for dining and when done, wipe them clean, bring them inside and stack them high. Restaurants need to move quickly to accommodate unexpected large parties or dining ‘al fresco’ on those warm summer evenings. And these industrial chairs can help meet those demands. Pull a chair off the stack and get ready to set the table.

So next time you can’t decide between red or white wine, just pull up a vintage industrial metal chair!

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Vintage chairs

Can go with red wine

Or white wine

Industrial chairs

Made from solid metal

And they stack!

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