Vintage Industrial Metal Stacking Chairs

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Get jacked or get stacked!

You don’t need a lot of muscle to stack these vintage industrial metal chairs. Use these chairs indoors or out, a little rain will make them look only better. Once painted a cool mellow yellow, mother nature has proudly given these chairs a great rust finish. Take these vintage metal chairs out for a small dinner party or fill the lawn for a fun backyard party. And when you’re done, stack these chairs on top of each other and tuck them neatly away for the next special occasion. Built industrial strong with a perforated metal seat, stack these chairs as high as you can reach. And you might even get some muscles at the same time! Shop vintage industrial for your next party.

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Vintage industrial chairs

Made with perforated metal

And great for stacking

With a vintage wood box

And a cool metal pendant light

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