Vintage Industrial Metal Stools and Shelf

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Ready for some hard core metal?

Metal, metal and more metal. A vintage metal wire shelf and vintage metal stools. They look great together and they would look just as good in your home.

Rescued from hard labor, these vintage stools and metal shelf have served their time. Having worked in our industrial factories, they show their age but are ready to work again in your home. Hopefully they will have it a little easier this time around. Metal stools can show their wear and tear but they are built tough. They won’t bend under pressure and these stools can handle maximum seating in your home.

I like this shelf too. Made from strong metal wire, this shelf is a great for storage. Use it to store just about anything in your home, even to display your vintage collectibles. So go hard core and save a stool!

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Vintage industrial shelf

Made from heavy metal wire

Vintage industrial metal stools

Cool little metal stool

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