Vintage Industrial Metal Stools

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Stool sample.

Don’t worry, not that kind! Vintage industrial metal stools are cool, sturdy and can be used just about anywhere. Who would think that all those industrial stools that once worked so hard in our factories would find a new life in our homes. Industrial metal stools are strong so they can be used for seating around the table, working at the desk or extra seating in the living area. And no worries about matching fabrics or upholstery because industrial metal goes with just about anything. Next time you’re shopping for that chair or stool that will withstand the test of time, think industrial metal stools. So take a seat, and sample a stool!

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Vintage industrial metal shelf and stools

This metal shelf is built tough

Industrial metal stool

Looks good as a pair

Great metal and great wood

I like the bulb too!

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