Vintage Industrial Metal Warehouse Lights

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It’s raining warehouse lights!

These vintage lights once worked hard in our industrial factories and warehouses. These spaces had lofty ceilings and warehouse lights provided plenty of light to store and transport cargo and products across the factory floor. Made from heavy metal, these lights were big and could take a hard days work. Some warehouse lights even worked all night long too. These lights are vintage and you can see the wear and tear from working hard over the years. But a bang here or there gives these warehouse lights character and makes them all the more appealing.

Today, you don’t have to own a warehouse or even work in one to appreciate the strength and durability of industrial lighting. Warehouse lights look great in a commercial space like your favorite restaurant but they look just as good over a kitchen counter or dining table in your home. It’s real vintage industrial style. So cancel that trip to the warehouse, you can now stay at home to enjoy industrial lighting!

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It’s raining warehouse lights

Vintage industrial lighting

Big light

Big metal

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