Vintage Industrial Outdoor Furniture

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Not really. But I wish they made vintage industrial furniture for relaxing outdoors. So until they do, we will have to settle for fun, whacky, metal and nylon made for outdoor living.

This collection of outdoor furniture by designer Tord Boontje is almost too good to keep outside. He blends artistry with the latest technology and these chairs and ottomans are a perfect example. I first thought Alice in Wonderland when I came across these cool chairs. They are whimsical in design and sturdy in construction. These chairs aren’t vintage or industrial but I would consider using them inside rather than out. Every once in awhile you need a little color and these chairs would certainly wake Alice up!

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Tord Boontje outdoor furniture

Alice in Wonderland?

How cool are these chairs?

Almost like sculptures of art

With artwork prices

Cool matching ottoman

Made of woven nylon on a metal frame

Summer colors on this chair and ottoman

With great craftsmanship

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