Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

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Three is better than one.

One lamp on a side table, one TV on a console and one coffee table in front of the sofa.

But one light over the dining table just won’t do when it comes to vintage industrial design. Make your kitchen or dining room look like a work room straight from the factory. Fill it with vintage artifacts but most important, fill it with lights. Factory workers needed a lot of light to carry out their duties in the dark filled warehouse. Windows were scarce, so large vintage lights were always hung from the ceiling to cast plenty of light on the floor below.

Do the same in your room with these over sized industrial metal pendants. Hanging three pendants will not only provide plenty of light to dine but it will also add a lot of vintage industrial style. So next time you shop for a light over the dining table, don’t settle for just one pendant, buy three!

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Three is better than one

These pendants are big

And they’re vintage

Don’t forget the flowers!

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