Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

We’re turning this tea party upside down with vintage teapot lighting.

If you’re not sure what to hang over your work desk, go with a collection of vintage porcelain teapots.

Vintage industrial lighting let’s you personalize your space to reflect your own unique personality. Why settle for a generic light fixture when you can have a one of a kind look to enjoy every day. Take your favorite vintage find and customize it to look like no other light. Take these vintage teapots, drill a hole in the bottom and add a simple light socket. And don’t hang just one vintage teapot, light up that desk with 20 vintage teapot pendants. They say that the right lighting can make the room. So make your own vintage pendant lighting and get that wow factor every day in your own home.

Just make sure you leave one vintage teapot for that morning cup of tea.

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Turn your tea party

Upside down

With vintage teapots

Personalize your space

With vintage industrial lighting

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