Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

Hold onto your vintage buckets and reinvent them into pendant lighting.

Before PVC and plastic, most household buckets were made with galvanized metal. The metal was galvanized to protect it from rusting and there was at least one metal bucket per every family garage. Since most of these buckets were replaced with today’s modern day plastics, it’s hard to find vintage buckets. Made from industrial grade metal these vintage buckets have found new life as pendant lighting. Hang these buckets upside down with a simple light kit and you will add instant vintage charm to your space. Use these pendants over a farmhouse sink, the dining room table or in an industrial loft. Either way they will provide plenty of light and unique industrial character to your room. Get hanging but please empty your buckets first.

Reinvent it.

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Vintage buckets

Turned upside down

And recycled into industrial pendant lighting

Reinvent it

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