Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

Lighting technology sure has changed.

On the right is a vintage electrical panel displaying the first stages of electrical lighting. And on the left, spools of yarn have been transformed into industrial pendant lighting. Nearly a century ago it would be unheard of to turn simple yarn into cool pendant lighting. But with modern technology and manufacturing, a simple light kit can transform almost anything into a lighting extravaganza. We take it for granted but years ago lighting was not so simple. Light bulbs were limited to warehouse pendants and task lamps. But today’s consumer demands more. We look to lighting to make a statement in the room and we want to express our own unique personalities through the lights we choose. Hang these vintage pendant lights over the dining room table or cluster them in a two story foyer. And these lights will definitely fit right in with the DIY craft room of your home. Any way you use choose, these pendants will bring real vintage industrial style to your space.

Now where did I put those knitting needles.

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Lighting technology sure has changed

A vintage electrical panel

And spools of yarn

Transformed into pendant lighting

Put those knitting needles away

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