Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

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The mad scientist.

Would appreciate these vintage glass funnel pendants.

Display vintage glass funnels in a big wood cabinet and you have a laboratory. But turn these vintage funnels into pendant lighting and you have vintage industrial style. No matter what you collect, group them together and show them off. Or better yet, repurpose them into vintage industrial lighting. A little creativity can go a long way. One glass funnel, a light kit with cloth wire and an Edison style filament bulb can create cool industrial lighting. Display these funnel lights in a cabinet or wire them up for lighting. Either way, these funnels will add vintage industrial style to your space.

So next time you’re in the laboratory mixing up a potion, think vintage industrial pendant lighting!

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The mad scientist

And his vintage glass funnels

In a cabinet

On the shelf

Or hanging from the ceiling

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